I think I like Ruby on Rails

I have been looking to learn some new technologies lately. At my job I deal with PHP and Angular but the project we work on is fairly big, so I was looking into something that I could build stuff with by myself in my (very limited) spare time.

I craved some web tech (eww, I know). It was either this, or learning to build interpreters. Which, when spoken out loud (or written, whatever), sounds even more depressing knowing what I chose. Gotta have the skills to make a living I guess, right? Have you ever stopped to think how hard it would be to get the money to buy a home before you get in your 30s without getting a loan? I can build as many wacky programming languages I want after I am a bit more certain that if I starve in the next 10 years it’s likely not my fault.

So, after spending days tasting some frameworks and libraries and languages and tools and whatever else is there, I had to decide between these:

Maybe you’re asking why isn’t your favourite language/framework on the list. It’s because: I haven’t heard of it or I don’t like it very much or I tried it but forgot to mention it. For example, I’m fed up with Python as a language (Python’s lambdas suck so much) after my first year in University, so there’s no Python framework here.

So, what about those selected?

Anyway, the moral of the story is “do what you think you’ll enjoy from time to time” and just because some techbros on YouTube put Ruby on their “Top Languages to Avoid in $YEAR” list, that doesn’t mean they have the authority to dictate what you’ll use in your next project. Give it a try, it won’t hurt.

Also, be sure to read the docs. Like, actually read them, not just fly your eyes past 5 paragraphs per second scanning for a keyword to find just what you need. You can do that after you read them once. The Rails people wrote pretty much all that you need to get started in their guides.

I should probably write more about Ruby than a few paragraphs since it’s in the title of this post but it’s very late here so good night!