Paying for good software

I’ve been using KDE for some time and I really like it. It’s good software. It does what it says it should. It has what I need. I voluntarily sent KDE a donation because of how much I like their software. I would never do this for Windows. Windows sucks. Imagine what libre software devs could do if they had financial support similar to that of Microsoft or other giant corporation that writes crappy software. If you like some software project please consider donating if you can afford it.

I once bought Windows licenses (yes, plural). Now I look at some essential libre software projects that I use daily and think how much I paid for them. Nothing. And with them I can do a lot more than I could on Windows, so I’m ashamed that I paid Microsoft but not those projects. Now that I have a job I can reduce my shame by putting a bit of money aside for them. Maybe you should do too.

Libre software devs need to eat too.