New Site

If you have seen this site before maybe you will notice that it looks a tad bit different.

I changed the colorscheme of the site to the one that Protesilaos Stavrou1 is using on his website (at the time of writing). For the moment, I use just the light theme, I’ll think about adapting a dark theme later.

I also rewrote the Elisp that generated the site. Now the whole thing is a lot more simple and not as stupid as before since I took the time to read the Org docs and look through the Org mode code. Now I have my own backend derived from the HTML backend where I can have as much fun as I want. Currently, I swapped out the vanilla org-html-template for my own thing, built not by concating to hell, but by using the nice pp-html library by Kinneyzhang to represent HTML as sexps. That means that I can do all kinds of crazy stuff with quoting and unquoting and I don’t have to limit myself to format slots.

I simplified the index page to include the latest 5 posts so it doesn’t extend to infinity. If you want to see a list of all the posts, you can access the archive.

The links to posts from the old site are fucked now. Sorry for that. I changed the way I name my post files and now they don’t include the date in the file name. I think this way it’s easier to share, remember and even easier to write for me. Often I would have started a post today and finished it several days later, and that meant the original file name would be incorrect, since the date was wrong.

RSS feed generation has been reimplemented using my own generator based on pp-html, since I didn’t get along too well with ox-rss.el. The feeds miss post contents, but I’m working on that.

I went through a period where I wanted to switch to another static site generator like Hugo or even bloat my server with Wordpress. I’m glad that I didn’t and I stayed in Emacs. I love Org Mode and I like the first class support it has in here. Also, having your website generation function one M-x away is just too cool.

If you thought about writing your own site generator in Elisp, but are worried about performance, don’t stress too much over it. You’ll start to notice it when you have a few dozen posts and some with code in them (code highlighting impacts performance). And that is only true if you’re forcing Org to not look at timestamps, because otherwise it will publish only changed files, which is blazing fast. It’s fun and it’s personal. It’s not even overly complicated. If you read the Org Mode manual and take a look in ox-html.el in a couple of days you should be able to write a basic generator.



Prot is a great guy. If you haven’t heard of him yet, take the time to read through his website or watch some of his YouTube videos. He is an expert on Emacs and he has quite a good deal of political and philosophical knowledge too.