Mind of God

written on 2022-09-03 09:45:46 +0300 EEST

Humans should strive to understand God.

If you don’t believe in God as an entity, then you can interpret “God” here as meaning “all the unknowns”.

If we don’t understand something, we should try to obtain an explanation that’s as verifiable as possible. Lack of knowledge is the hunger of the mind, and a malnourished mind isn’t far from dying.

Trees don’t grow because, when no one looks, angels come down and stretch them upwards. The angel theory can be an explanation, but it’s not a good one, and we know why trees grow exactly because we studied. And their growth was once God’s domain.

We should eliminate as many “angel theories” as possible. There’s no shame in admiting we don’t know something, but there is great shame in inventing bad explanations and preventing others from doing actual research.

I think God wouldn’t mind having humans try to understand Him. He’s the reason we exist, and He bestowed reason unto us. Just as “all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again”, I say we “all are for a reason, and all turn to reason again”.

And what if God can’t be understood? There’s no way humans can completely comprehend the mind of the Abrahamic God, by definition. There’s no way humans can understand what is beyond understanding. Yes. And? How do you know you reached your limits unless you push yourself as hard as possible? God reached to us, and we reached to God. He’s not an isolated perfect marble, sitting outside of anyone’s reach, but in His infinity He’s given us little chunks of His mind which we can turn around and chew on and play with until they start to make some sense. When we can’t know anymore, we’ll get stuck, and that’s not such a big deal. We’re finite beings with finite capabilites. But great capabilites.

And if God gets angry because humans even thought of tapping into His divine intelect? Then I say that’s all the more reason to get to know Him that shivers at the possiblity of his creation understanding Him. If “scientia potentia est”, then knowing even the tiniest corner of God’s mind starts to level the playing field in our favor.

And if we perish in our mission, we will go knowing that Humans were as close to God as ever.