I hate LinkedIn

I get “sponsored messages” which is such a nice way to say spam!

My feed is full of crap like: “Like if X, clap if Y”. That doesn’t mean anything. It’s Facebook-tier shit. I don’t care.

Other stuff that appears are the stupid stories made to sound inspirational or whatever. Oh, how this employee worked 13 years straight 12h/day and missed his daughter’s birth and the company gave him an Amazon gift card to show they care about his devotion. Or those stupid stories about how people leave (or are kicked out of) some company and how grateful they are (really?). Bruh who tf cares? Why do you have to write an essay on this stuff?

“Grow your network.” Shut up. I don’t want to grow any network full of attention-seekers or spammy “recruiters” or entitled executives. I just want to get a job and make some money so I can buy a house, food, afford medicine (in case I ever need some) and travel a bit. I don’t care about your stupid likes and virtue signalling.

LinkedIn is stupid.

(There are some good and normal people on LinkedIn.)