Why I dislike most language/framework recommendations

I am tired of buzzwords. I am tired of hearing about the number of GitHub stars a given project has. Show me some code. Tell me how it performs. Tell me how often you have to write unnecessary shit to make it do basic stuff. Does it feel comfortable or not? Are there smart conventions? Are the APIs consistent and well documented? I don’t fucking care if Google or Facebook back the project or even use it to do whatever blood magic they are doing. Is it a good piece of software engineering or does it make you think about ditching computers and becoming a tomato farmer in Sahara or some shit? If it is popular, for whom? Hipster programmers that always flock to the latest JS framework and don’t even know how to rebase git branches 1 or actual software engineers?



If you think this is a flex, please go and try to work on a project with multiple moving branches and reliably avoid merge conflicts without rebasing.