Another email rant

Normal people don’t know how to use email and the “standard” email clients that they use are making it an even worse experience.

Maybe your email client has some smart filtering into categories or can snooze emails. That’s cool. But it might still suck ass when doing one of the basic things an email client needs to do: compose fucking emails.

Pick three big webmail clients from three big providers and you might end up with three different reply styles. Outlook is very stupid with this. Gmail still pastes the whole original email below yours, but at least they quote it with >. Another one (I think Yahoo?) automatically formats your stuff as HTML and just pastes the original text below without any visual guidance as to where the replied message is; it just writes a “On $DATE, $SOMEONE wrote:” line (which is damn hard to eyeball if you have a chain of messages which already include a bunch of those).

People don’t know how to emphasize the part of the email they are replying to. They don’t cut the quoted text into pieces and only include those relevant to their reply, near the reply text for a certain section.

Another thing that people do is they email like they are texting. I had multiple times someone reply to a single email of mine twice in the same minute, with one sentence per reply. Of course, the replies contained the whole fucking thread “quoted” in the stupid style of their client, but the actual important text was their reply which was like 10-20 words.

I wish everyone that came up with the the idea of how these stupid email clients would be fired and get a 10-year interdiction from planning software and the software be rewritten to encourage a better emailing practice.