I just want a ML/LISP machine

Imagine! The most extendable system to be ever designed: made to run either a LISP or a ML fast as fuck.

We just need a Schemeish Common Lisp for the 21st century (or a Common Lispified Scheme). Big ass standard library, with great ergonomics. I don’t want to go searching for SRFIs ever again.

We just need a Haskellish-OCaml, or OCamlified-Haskell (I just really want typeclasses in OCaml). This ML would be the base of the system and the LISP would run on top of it, so it can be plugged into every program written in ML.

I basically dream of a GNU Guix system where the LISP doesn’t suck as much as Guile (Guile is great but not the best a LISP could be, in my opinion), and the base is written in a ML. Guix (the package manager) feels soooo slow sometimes, slow enough that it made me think that it would have been cool if the base was written in OCaml and only the “user-facing” parts, like package/service/system definitions be in Scheme.


These are the base traits of such a system. The last 3 ones are really, really, really important. Good programming is often fun and beautiful programming. And you can’t tell me that a ML/LISP machine wouldn’t be the coolest thing since we started building computers!

Imagine writing some declarative GUIs in a LISP with the backend in ML. No one would even feel the most little wish to use bullshit like Electron for “desktop apps” when such a cool thing would be around supported natively.

Maybe, once Rust actually gets a fucking specification, I’ll allow it somewhere around here too. Until then I’ll keep iron oxides out of my parantheses.