GitHub Pages advertisment campaign

I was cleaning my email and I noticed that I flagged something from GitHub. It turns out it was an ad that I wanted to comment on but didn’t have the time back then. Let’s get into it!

So far so good… A personal website is indeed important for a student and it might even contribute to landing you a job. I’d like to think that mine had some contribution towards my first one, at least. That, or the company was extremely thirsty for labor power at that time.

Here we can see how this starts to shift from good life advice to an advertisment. If you didn’t know already, you can “easily and affordably make a professional personal website” without “the premium tools in the Student Developer Pack, and resources like GitHub Pages”.

You know what you need for “a professional personal website”? I’ll tell you a little secret. Time, HTML and CSS. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) tells the web browser what is on a page (a list, a paragraph, a link etc.) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) tells it how the content should look (make the background black, the font monospace etc.). You can learn the basics in an afternoon and all you need to play with those two languages is a text editor and a browser.

That’s it? That’s it.

“But what about the hosting?” you ask. You could use Neocities, a free and easy to use static website hosting service. I saw even some university professors use it so it’s no shame to do so! Or, if you want to be even cooler, join a tilde/pubnix β€” a public *nix (GNU/Linux, BSD etc.) server where you can have your own user account and host you website. Some tilde communities offer other services too, like IRC networks, email, Git hosting, social media platforms (like Mastodon), or alternative internet protocols like Gopher or Gemini.

If you want to learn more about tildes, I highly recommend joining the irc.tilde.chat IRC network and just asking about stuff. IRC doesn’t require any account and it’s just text so it’s almost zero effort to get talking to the community. For more info, please check tildeverse.org.

Why do you guys need to make it sound so complicated? In the good old days (when I didn’t even know what a CLI was) people were just scp-ing or rsync-ing some files to their server. Now we need to “deploy” a “React” application. For what? A personal site. For fuck’s sake… A REACT APP. FOR A PERSONAL WEBSITE.

I remember the days when I too wanted to use a metric fuckton of JavaShit to build my 2-pages, 100-words personal website. It was during the same period I wanted to work for Microsoft/Google and move to the US. What? Tell me you didn’t have shit ideas when you were younger!

If you don’t understand what I’m complaining about, open the network tab in your browser’s inspection tools, load some JavaShit-filled website “app” and see how much bandwidth it takes. And also do a du -sh node_modules in a Node project.

For what do you want us, your website visitors, to suffer the wait and the CPU power wastage? To just have some text change when we press a button, without reloading the page? To have some cool animations that you copied from someone else and were too lazy to see if they can be done with a couple of @keyframes in CSS? To make a shitload of requests to other websites for some quirky APIs to display some data that no one really cares about? If a page of your personal website weighs more than 500 KB then I really hope you’re either showing me some extremely cute cat pictures or serving me some cool pirated music as a gift for my visit on your webspace.

Yeah, that’s cool. I looked at a lot of websites before coming up with a structure and design for my own, which went through several stages of development itself. So looking at other websites and taking inspiration is a good advice, but please don’t live with the impression that there’s nothing beyond GitHub Pages!

I have no idea what Bootstrap Studio is and how it works except from what I could gather from this description and a 10-seconds glance at their website, so I can’t comment on that. But still, this smells like an ad.

At least I had a good laugh here at the end. “Our emails are infrequent” β€” yeah, ok, can’t complain β€” “and always useful” β€” you’re fucking kidding me. The audacity of these people…