NearlyFreeSpeech reflections

This is a sort of follow up for this post.

I’ve been hosting this website on NearlyFreeSpeech since December 2019. I think that’s one of the best deals I’ve ever done in my life.

When I signed up I loaded my account with $5. Guess how much I have left now, after more than half a year! $2.49.

Since this website is just static files generated by Emacs with Org mode1, their hosting plan fits my needs perfectly. I didn’t want my site to be on GitHub or GitLab servers and if I ever wanted to play with a bit of server side logic I could just drop in a PHP file and be done with it. NFS does all this for a great price.

I confess that I would like my own VPS to play with, so I could self-host some stuff (like a Nextcloud instance or maybe setup my own mail server), but I can’t really afford that right now. So that leaves me with NearlyFreeSpeech.

I never had any problems with their service. I really encourage you to check them out if you want to have your own website with maybe a bit of server side interactivity or custom domains.



By the way, I updated my scripts since this post, check them out on Sourcehut.