Getting into Lambda Calculus

I first heard about Lambda Calculus in a Computerphile video. I thought it was a neat & weird bit of math. I remember I especially liked composing booleans and logic using only lambda expressions or whatever those functions are called.

That was about half a year ago.

How I got into λs again is through LISP. I was filled with joy when I recreated the boolean logic from a while ago in Scheme:

(define T (λ (x y) x))
(define F (λ (x y) y))

(define NOT (λ (x) (x F T)))
(define AND (λ (x y) (x y F)))
(define OR (λ (x y) (x T b)))

I made this post because I tought I should post the resources I found about this topic as they may prove useful for others. Here we go: