<2019-12-27 Fri>

We need some kind of open framework for getting the villages and cities of a country. Each country has to have a database of all of those somewhere. There should be an open protocol (like a simple fucking API that sits on top of that database) that allows anyone to query it. I want to get a freaking list of all the places in my country. From official sources. Updated all the time. For free (I mean I want it to be funded by public money – taxes). I want the name, the population size at the last census. The coordinates of the location. Basic things.

We need free software job posting platforms that cities and states can put up to display local jobs (both for the state and for particular companies). It would be cool if some kind of federation-by-location would be done between those. They should all federate, so everyone knows about every job everywhere, but there should be a cool location based menu where you could tune your searches and maybe it should recommend by default the closest ones.

Kinda same thing as above, but for restaurants, hotels and every other thing that can be implemented similarly (and for which there would be a need of – no one wants to see federated lists of trees that look like genitals).

<2019-12-26 Thu>

Fourth day in a row writing daily here. Org mode is a blessing for my will to write – it makes the process so much more enjoyable. And the fact that I'm in the winter break and there's no f-ing school for three quarters of the day each day may be helping too.

<2019-12-23 Mon>

I don't know what I'll write here. It seems like half the stuff I thought I'll put here is going into the "Reminders & ideas" section of Extra, the second half in posts and the third, I'm not allowed to talk about it here yet cause it may get me expelled from school if they find this site.

<2019-12-18 Wed>

Test entry

<2019-12-17 Tue>