Uphold Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Stallmanism!

written by Alexandru-Sergiu Marton on 25 Mar 2021

Chairman Stallman has been under fire lately from the reactionary forces that have gathered mainly on the American propaganda machine called Twitter. Parties interested in the demise of the ideological advances of Free Software want to sabotage the movement, by not only removing Stallman from the board of the FSF, but also replace all the other members of the board. They are looking to install a reactionary puppet leadership that will be less extreme in their support for software freedom, so that they will be able to further dilute the line between Free Software and Open Source.

Chairman Stallman

To oppose the revisionist mob, Free Software supporters have created an open letter in support of Chairman Stallman.

Open Source supporters that would rather see the Gloriuos People’s License disappear or don’t care enough about Free Software that they side with this mob trying to cancel Stallman are the Western Anarchists of the software world. Some are well meaning, but haven’t studied further, so they can’t acknownledge the ideological superiority of Free Software. Others have been brainwashed into believing that Free Software is actually bad for the world, and that maybe even some proprietary software should remain in the world.

We need the three concentric instruments:

  1. A Stallmanist Party.
  2. A People’s Operating System.
  3. A People’s License.

Don’t settle for less! Always strive for freedom! Study Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Stallmanism and be a staunch supporter of Free Software! Educate the masses and purge the proprietary roaders from the movement!

Oppose proprietary software and use the Glorious People’s License!


If some of y’all lost your shit over this: jeez I’m just joking.

Or am I?