About me

Hi, I’m Alexandru-Sergiu Marton, an univeristy student interested in programming, free software and a bit of mathematics. I usually go by the nick brown121407.

For my projects and work experience see my resume.

Want to chat? Shoot me an email or ping me on IRC. If it’s sensitive, encrypt it with my public key, attached below.

GPG key
8571 7664 DFDC 6B6A 3ED2 DA68 2348 7CC8 2397 2C1F

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TOFU recommendations for Gemini

I will have more to say about Gemini in the future, but for now, I wanted to write up some details about one thing in particular: the trust-on-first-use algorithm I implemented for my client, gmni. I think you should implement this algorithm, too! First of all, it’s important to note that the Gemini specification explicitly mentions TOFU and the role of self-signed certificates: they are the norm in Geminiland, and if your client does not support them then you’re going to be unable to browse many sites. Ho…

Blogs on Drew DeVault's blog

Reflections on IRC, and Pain with Telegram

Singing Praises, Crying Woes IRC is one of those networking and communication protocols that ages well with the internet. Free software lovers, developers, and casual netizens (especially those born before the millenium) have created the infrastructure for discussing topics we are passionate about. Freenode and OFTC both have systematically helped structure not only project coordination and collaboration, but have created lasting ties between people as free software is an inherently social act. IRC repr…

Brett Gilio's blog

Status update, August 2020

Hi! Regardless of the intense heat I’ve been exposed to this last month, I’ve still been able to get some stuff done (although having to move out to another room which isn’t right under the roof). I’ve worked a lot on IRC-related projects. I’ve added a znc-import helper to soju to ease migration from ZNC: this tool will read the ZNC configuration file and fill soju’s database with users, networks and channels. A simple built-in ident server is now included and allows upstream servers to correctly apply rat…


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