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About me

Hi, I’m Alexandru-Sergiu Marton, a university student interested in programming, free software and a bit of mathematics. I usually go by the nick brown121407.

For my projects and work experience see my resume.

Want to chat? Shoot me an email or ping me on IRC. If it’s sensitive, encrypt it with my public key, attached below.

GPG key
8571 7664 DFDC 6B6A 3ED2 DA68 2348 7CC8 2397 2C1F

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Status update, October 2020

Hi all, it’s been a while! I’ve been taking some time off this month: I’ve been hiking in Corsica (an island in the south of France) for 2 weeks! The path (called GR20) was very difficult but the gorgeous landscapes made it entirely worth it. :) I’ve uploaded some pictures on my Pixelfed account if you’re interested (sorry about the picture quality, it seems Pixelfed compresses my uploads). Right before flying to Corsica, the XDC2020 conference was held online. I’ve spent quite some time preparing it with…


Status update, October 2020

I’m writing this month’s status update from a brand-new desktop workstation (well, I re-used the GPU), my first new workstation in about 10 years. I hope this new one lasts for another decade! I aimed for something smaller and lightweight this time — it’s a Mini-ITX build. I’ve only been running this for a few days, so let me tell you about the last few accomplishments which are accountable to my venerable workstation’s final days of life. First, there’s been a ton of important work completed for SourceHut…

Drew DeVault's blog

Javascript, and Other Considerations

Diet-WWW The World Wide Web needs to go on a diet. The allure of marketing and sensational consumerism has shown us the contradictory pith of technology, networking, and the infrastructure of browsing webpages. I have received numerous compliments on my website’s design for being featureful, while also being considerate in resource consumption. While these compliments are kind, and do brighten my day, what lessons can be learned from such commentary? While not inherent evils, Javascript and media on …

Brett Gilio's blog

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