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Hi, I’m Alexandru-Sergiu Marton, a university student interested in programming, free software and a bit of mathematics. I usually go by the nick brown121407.

For my projects and work experience see my resume.

Want to chat? Shoot me an email or ping me on IRC. If it’s sensitive, encrypt it with my public key, attached below.

GPG key
8571 7664 DFDC 6B6A 3ED2 DA68 2348 7CC8 2397 2C1F

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We can do better than DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is one of the long-time darlings of the technophile’s pro-privacy recommendations, and in fact the search engine that I use myself on the daily. They certainly present a more compelling option than many of the incumbents, like Google or Bing. Even so, DuckDuckGo is not good enough, and we ought to do better. I have three grievances with DuckDuckGo: It’s not open source. Almost all of DDG’s software is proprietary, and they’ve demonstrated gross incompetence in privacy in what little software the…

Drew DeVault's blog

Status update, November 2020

Hi! It’s getting chilly over here, so I’m spending more time reading by the fireplace. Fortunately, the cold doesn’t yet prevent my fingers from typing lines of code, so let’s see what’s new this month! First off, I’ve worked on a talk about the Kernel Mode-Setting (KMS) interface for the foss-north conference. My goal was to explain what it is, what it’s useful for and how to use it to get an image displayed on screen. It’s just an introduction, but also contains external links and suggestions for next st…


EmacsConf 2020 & My Submission

Supporting Our Community The GNU Emacs community is once again holding EmacsConf! This (mostly annual) online conference has been a centerpoint for GNU Emacs lovers, users, and supporters as we can come together and identify our point of unison. EmacsConf is the moment where we can share what it is about this extensible, and free software powertool of 40-years that makes it so dear to us. Thanks to the work of Amin Bandali et al., we are afforded yet another opportunity to share the successes, and discu…

Brett Gilio's blog

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